Akron Borough PA

Borough of Akron Ordinances

Chapter 1 - Administration and Government
Chapter 2 - Animals
Chapter 3 - Reserved
Chapter 4 - Reserved
Chapter 5 - Code Enforcement
Chapter 6 - Conduct
Chapter 7 - Fire Prevention and Fire Protection
Chapter 8 - Reserved
Chapter 9 - Reserved
Chapter 10 - Health and Safety
Chapter 11 - Housing
Chapter 12 - Reserved
Chapter 13 - Licenses Permits and General Business Regulations
Chapter 14 - Delinquent Accounts
Chapter 15 - Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Chapter 16 - Parks and Recreation
Chapter 17 - Stormwater Management
Chapter 18 - Sewers and Sewage Disposal
Chapter 19 - Signs
Chapter 20 - Solid Waste
Chapter 21 - Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 22 - Subdivision and Land Development
Chapter 23 - Reserved
Chapter 24 - Taxation Special
Chapter 25 - Reserved
Chapter 26 - Water
Chapter 27 - Zoning
Ordinance Key

Residents are prohibited from parking vehicles on the grass in their front yard setback.

Pets in the park must be controlled on a leash and owners must clean up after their pets.

Cracks and crumbling sidewalks must be repaired or replaced.

Residents are responsible for bushes and trees encroaching in street right-of-ways.  Tree limbs must be trimmed to 10 feet

Property Owners are responsible for trimming weeds growing along the curb line.

It is a violation of Borough Ordinance to repair or work on vehicles on any Borough Street.

Parking of campers or any type of trailer or oversize vehicles on Borough streets is prohibited.

Borough Tree Height Ordinance Effective June 1st 2011
Based on the recommendation of the Borough Police Department and the Akron Volunteer Fire Company, last fall Borough Council amended the tree height ordinance in the interest of safety for both vehicles, pedestrians and our volunteer fire fighters. This change goes into effect June 1st and increases the minimum height of overhanging trees in street right-of way(s) from the current (10) feet to (14) feet the entire lengths of Seventh Street and Main Streets, North Ninth Street from SR 272 to Main Street, South Ninth Street from Oak Street South to Borough line and North Eleventh Street from SR272 to Main Street.